Established in 2008 and based in suburban Melbourne, Australia, Ghungroo School of Dance offers lessons in the  North Indian classical dance stream of Kathak. Lessons are conducted in a peaceful, relaxed and fun environment. Small class size is maintained at all times to ensure individual attention is paid to the needs of each student. Major focus of the school is to ignite a love for this classical style dance form in the minds of its students.

Coming Up Next on Saturday 24th March 2018 !!

Excited to host Tabla and Kathak Workshop with Pt. Abhijit Banerjee. Senior students of the school will perform Kathak with live accompaniment Pt. Banerjee on the Tabla and Rahul Bhattacharya playing Lehera on Sarod. 

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Pt Bannerjee performing with Kathak maestro Pt. Chitresh Das.
From his website ….
Considered among the top class of tabla players from India, Abhijit Banerjee is one of the most sought after creative artists in the realm of Indian classical music. Abhijit has crafted a unique style and creative approach which has brought him accolades and awards throughout the world. He is known for his sensitivity,skill and deep sense of musicality.  Apart from his contributions to Indian music he has delved into a diverse variety of world music crossover as both a performer and composer.
Recognizing his talent and natural inclination towards music his father steered him to tabla at the age of four.  Abhijit also studied vocal music and violin later in his life in making a complete musician out of him.   He is considered as one of the main disciples of the illustrious guru, the late Pt. Gyan Prakash Ghosh.
Abhijit has accompaniment on tabla nearly all of the top ranking stars of Hindustani classical music including Pt.Ravi Shankar, Late Pt.Nikhil Banerjee, Begum Parweena Sultana, Pt.Jasraj, Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma, Dr.Balamurali Krishnan to name a few.  As a tabla soloist he has also left his distinct mark through numerous performances and publications in India & abroad.


Rahul Bhattacharya’s website ((http://www.sarod.com.au)

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